Tax Notebook for the Internet is an online tax organizer that forever changes the way you compile your tax data, and process your tax returns.

This powerful Internet tool delivers expanded levels of convenience and technology that allow you and our firm to better interact with the data compilation process. We can assist and work with you to gather and compile your data. With Tax Notebook, you no longer deal with the administrative and mailing costs associated with paper tax organizers, and instead enjoy a secure transfer of data via the Internet.

What’s more, data from Tax Notebook can be seamlessly integrated into ProSystem fx Tax, dramatically reducing your data entry and our review time.

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If you are an existing client, we need to upload your data to the secure sever and provide you a password. You therefore need to inform us if you plan to use internet tax notebook.

If you are a new client, you can log on as a new client and create your own password and user name.